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OMG Education
Independent School

Welcome to OMG Education Independent School

A unique provision for supporting young individuals for years 9 to 11 facing challenges in mainstream education

At OMG, you can 

Reach your academic potential by using our unique curriculum designed around Music Creativity

Student relaxing in the Music Studio


Admissions is a rolling process throughout the year and is open to all KS4 young learners, either from a mainstream school or Local Authorities. We will endeavour to accommodate the student’s educational and personal needs, their aspirations, and their talents. 

Who we are?

OMG Education is an independent school offering a comprehensive and unique learning experience; we are not affiliated with specific religious, political, or governmental organisations. Our independence allows us to create an inclusive environment where students can explore their interests and talents.

Student working on the Mixing Desk
Student during audio recording

Why Choose OMG?

Every Young Life Matters


Individualised Support

Our programme provides tailored learning plans for each student, ensuring they receive the attention and guidance they need to succeed.


Flexible Pathways

We offer full-time, part-time, and blended learning options to accommodate diverse needs.



Engaging Curriculum

Our curriculum inspires curiosity and creativity, incorporating practical experiences and vocational training.


Small Class Sizes

Students benefit from a supportive environment with personalised attention and active participation.

Holistic Development

We prioritise social, emotional, and mental well-being, offering comprehensive support for personal growth as well as an extensive Personal & Social Development curriculum and well-being sessions every morning.

Our Curriculum


We provide a rigorous academic curriculum and have dedicated staff who prioritise each student's intellectual, emotional, and social growth. We aim to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to succeed in a changing world. As an independent institution, we are committed to educational innovation and continuously adapt to meet students' needs.

OMG Education recognises that students from diverse backgrounds may face disadvantages. To address this, we offer personalised support and resources tailored to their unique circumstances. We aim to level the playing field and ensure equal academic, social, and emotional success opportunities. We work with families, communities, and external organisations to establish comprehensive support systems.

By working together, we strive to bridge gaps and provide equal opportunities for all students. We believe in every student's potential and are committed to their success, which is embedded in our company statement, "Every young life matters."

At OMG Education, equity is a fundamental principle. We provide an equal chance for all learners to thrive and build a promising future.

What we Offer

Business Administration

Music Technology 

English GCSE

Maths GCSE

Develop your business skills in a supportive environment. Learn the essentials of running a business, from marketing and finance to creative problem-solving. Gain valuable skills to prepare you for future careers or starting your own venture.

Explore the world of music creation! Learn how to use technology to compose, record, and edit music. Develop your musicality and technical skills in a creative and collaborative setting.

Master communication! Improve your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through engaging activities. Explore literature, analyse texts, and express yourself clearly and confidently.

Build a strong foundation in maths. Develop problem-solving skills and gain a solid understanding of key mathematical concepts. Learn in a supportive environment that builds confidence and helps you see the practical applications of maths in everyday life.

What we offer

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