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Our School

OMG Education is an independent school offering a comprehensive and unique learning experience; we are not affiliated with specific religious, political, or governmental organisations. Our independence allows us to create an inclusive environment where students can explore their interests and talents.

We work with families, communities, and external organisations to establish comprehensive support systems. By working together, we strive to bridge gaps and provide equal opportunities for all students. We believe in every student's potential and are committed to their success, which is embedded in our company statement, "Every young life matters."

At OMG, we are dedicated to supporting young individuals facing challenges in mainstream education. 

Our Independent School programme offers personalised support, including holistic development and an engaging curriculum that challenges students and empowers them to thrive. By offering an engaging curriculum that challenges students, we are helping them reach their academic potential and fostering resilience and a love for learning.



To be recognised as the premier organisation for education, training, and mentorship of the youth and known for its excellence in teaching and learning 



Our goal is to positively impact the lives of young people through education, training, and mentorship. We strive to protect their rights, reduce disadvantages, and help them face the challenges of life. 

Meet the Team

Our Governors

Our Facilities

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