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Parental Consent Form - Trips, Images and Pain Relief

This consent will last for the entire time that your child is with us at this school, but it is good practice for us to check your consent still applies when we offer residential or adventurous visits. 

When we tell you about them we will ask for current information about your child e.g. updated medical needs, sleepwalking, swimming ability etc. and offer you the chance to withdraw your consent. 

Pupil Year Group
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11

Do you consent to your child taking part in school trips and other activities that take place off-site and to them being given urgent medical or dental treatment or necessary pain relief during any trip or activity. Please confirm that you understand that:

•    All trips and activities are covered by this consent and will include; o    all visits (including residential trips) which take place during the holidays or a weekend, o    adventure activities at any time and o    off-site sporting fixtures outside the normal school day,

•    School will provide me with information about each trip or activity before it takes place.

•    You can inform school that you do not want your child to take part in a particular trip/activity and you should do so in writing.

•    You must ensure that you and your child understand and agree to abide by any trip Code-of-Conduct.

•    You must keep school informed if any medical information that you have provided becomes out-of-date or where religious beliefs may impact on any medical treatment your child may receive.

•    You must keep school informed if any emergency contact information that you have provided becomes out-of-date or does not apply to a particular trip and you must provide alternatives as necessary.

•    All school activities are appropriately insured. You also understand the extent and limitations of this insurance (details available on request).

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Medical Information - Please give details of any medical conditions including allergies and travel sickness that your child suffers from and any medicines with dosage etc. that they should take during off-site activities including those outside school hours or overnight – attach additional sheet if necessary.

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