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Our Ethos

OMG Education has three key philosophies that underpin the above, as well as our values of promoting education, high quality, supporting one another, and providing a safe environment. the three key philosophies are:

Choice Theory

Choice Theory is based on the principle that all we can give someone else is information, and everyone always has a choice to try and fulfil one of the five basic needs: love and belonging, power, fun, survival, and freedom.

Kolb's Learning Cycle

Kolb's Learning Cycle is a form of experiential learning and learning by stealth that focuses on students planning, doing, reviewing, and then applying what they've learned to a similar situation.

The Learning Zone Model

The Learning Zone model shows us how we can create learning situations by moving students out of their comfort zone, i.e. things they already know, but not too far so as to take them into their panic zone.

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What we believe

We believe that all behaviour is motivated by the five basic human needs of Survival, Love & Belonging, Power, Freedom, and Fun. We are always trying to balance what we believe we want and what we believe we are getting.

We express this through our Total Behaviour – the way we Act, the way we think, the way we feel, and our body’s Physiology.

We believe that we can choose how we Act and Think and that these choices will determine our Feelings and Physiology.

Choice Theory believes that:

  • everyone is doing the best that they can at any one time to satisfy their basic human needs and give them the most effective control over their lives

  • the only people we can control are ourselves, and any attempt to control other people will almost certainly not work

  • everybody has what we call a 'Quality World' – a personal picture album in our heads where we store images of the people we most want to be with, the things we most want to own or experience and the ideas, values and beliefs that are important to us.


We believe that:

  • encouraging our community to use more of the Seven Caring Habits: Supporting, Encouraging, Listening, Accepting, Trusting, Respecting, and Negotiating Differences will have a positive impact

  • encouraging our community to use less of the Seven Deadly Habits: Criticising, Blaming, Complaining, Nagging, Threatening, Punishing, Bribing or Rewarding to Control will have a positive impact

  • focusing on the present and the future is the key to success. The past is important, but only to reflect on our previous success stories rather than dwelling on regrets

  • every part of our total behaviour – including our Thoughts, our Feelings, our Actions, and our Physiology – are choices, and we all have the power to change the path we are on.

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